How SEO Has Changes In Last 5 Years? seo

Posted by Ajay Sharma - Oc 15, 2016 /

The process of getting traffic on search engines on a free result page is SEO. A lot of technical and creative aspects are required for the optimization of the search engine. All the popular search engines display search results.

Facebook Launches 360-Degree Camera For Capturing Virtual Reality Content technology

Posted by Ajay Sharma - Oc 23, 2016 /

Just a few days back, Facebook invested quite a lot for acquiring Oculus. And this $2 billion acquisition proved to be a giant step towards embracing virtual reality. With such huge investments, this social networking giant has the added responsibility of generating enough VR contents.In its recent conference, the company announced 17-camera array to capture 360-degree 3D video. The project is an offering by the company to numerous Facebook users across the globe.


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